Lucky 13 Tools for Job Seekers

ToolboxI put together these 13 lucky (cuz we did all the work) tools to aid job seekers from ones we’ve been collecting on delicious. Link Friday is a regular feature.

1. Highrise – Online service  to manage contacts for your job search. Also maintains email threads and notes on each person. Try the free version to see if it will work for you. From 37signals.

2. Backpack – Another great tool from 37signals. Great for job seekers who want to keep their job search notes, calendar and files online for access anywhere.

3. Zoho Online – Zoho provides all kinds of online productivity & collaboration apps such as planning, contact management, file storage & online conferencing. Great for job seekers who want to be able to access their job search files anywhere.

4. Evernote Corporation – Organize your job search information online and access it anywhere your job seeking takes you.

5. Zotero – Looking for a job but don’t know how to manage all that information? Created for academics Zotero is a great Firefox add-on that allows you to collect and manage your job search resources. There is also a stand alone version.

6. LinkedIn Companion for Firefox – Make using LinkedIn even easier by using it directly from your Firefox toolbar. Great integration of JobsInsider.

7. Read It Later – In your job search do you have lots of web pages you want to read later? Read It Later to the rescue–a Firefox add-on that allows you to collect web pages to look at later. A major plus is the ability to sync your collection with other computers!

8. Kutano – Wondering what people are saying about a particular webpage. Kutano is a Firefox add-on that shows tweets about the page you are viewing in a sidebar. Great for job seekers browsing the websites of companies they’re interested in. Know what people are saying without opening up twitter.

9. TweetBackup – If you use Twitter for your job search, this is a great tool to backup your tweets so you can have access to them long after twitter has let them die.

10. Audacity – Don’t want a video resume? Try creating an audio resume with the free Audacity.

11. YouTube – Let potential employers get to know you better by creating a YouTube channel to host your video resume and video references.

12. Flip Video Camcorder – Great inexpensive camcorder you can use to record your video resume or video references and upload to YouTube.

13. CutePDF – Need to send a PDF of your resume to a potential employers or colleagues? Try the free CutePDF.