Online Reputation Monitoring

Security CameraIn addition to Google Alerts, there are other useful ways to monitor your company reputation and brand online and, just as importantly, many ways to track the results of your social media marketing efforts. says that their service is “like Google Alerts but for social media” so they monitor and return search results from more than 80 social media properties. You can get a daily alert, use a browser plugin to search social media in realtime right in your browser, or display realtime buzz on your site with the socialmention Realtime Buzz Widget.

You’ll find tremendous resources in the 25+ tools Sean P. Aune identifies as useful for managing your identity online.

If you have questions about protecting your identity online, check out Leah Betancourt’s guide to protecting your identity both courtesy of

There are a number of challenges when it comes to social media monitoring solutions for business and you can find out some things to watch out for in Asi Sharabi’s blog post.

No matter which tool you use, the most important thing to do is–get started! If you’re online it’s worth paying attention to what is said about you and your business.