Loving twitter for Business & Learning

TweepleI love using twitter for business. It’s a great tool for discovering information, connecting with new people, and stepping up your business game.

How you ask? Here are a few of my favorite twitter pursuits. Be aware that coherent conversations (also known as twitter parties) are coordinated by the people involved. Adding the hashtag symbol # to a tweet topic lets the conversation be experienced coherently if you are tracking and viewing all tweets with that tag. Happily Ben Parr over at Mashable explains “How to: Get the most out of Twitter #Hashtags”

TweetGrid is usually my tool of choice when it comes to tracking these conversations. Learn more about using TweetGrid generally, or if you want to go right to the # explanation then scroll down to video 8.

I follow 3 great chats for small business owners as often as possible.

On Tuesday nights from 8-10pm EST you can find me at #smbiz (8-9pm) and #sbbuzz (8-10pm).

Follow @smbiz or check out the co-hosts John and Chrisanne Sternal’s website  for recaps and more info. You can follow John @SternalPR and Chrisanne @SternalMrktg on twitter too.

Follow @sbbuzz or check out the sbbuzz blog for all the juicy details on the second chat co-run by three great women Pamela O’Hara @pmohara and Michelle Riggen-Ransom @mriggen and Michelle Wolverton @chelpixie .

It’s always great to take advantage of innovative, open conversations with experts who take the time to chat about topics of interest. Although spontaneous energy abounds in real time, the featured tweeters and organizers come prepared with questions to ask the group and to keep the conversation moving.

On Wednesday night #smallbizchat follows a similar format with different presenters and topics thanks to the efforts of host Melinda Emerson @smallbizlady on twitter. Follow @smallbizchat for updates and information.

Between the three you can cover a lot of ground in a short time.

Or perhaps your needs are more career related. On Monday nights, #journchat can be a great place for “an ongoing conversation between journalists, bloggers, and PR folks” from 7-10pm CST. The woman who started all this fun, Sarah Evans @PRsarahevans on twitter, is dedicated to keeping the conversation engaging and viable—following her and @journchat on twitter will keep you in the loop.

When you have some time, check out the great twitter guidebook at Mashable, or if enterprise-level business is your thing, Forbes.com has an article to get you and your people started. Thank Joshua-Michéle Ross of O’Reilly Media for his guide to corporate social media use.

Do you participate in any ongoing chats to support your business? If so, leave a comment, share the wealth, and let us know what works for you!

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