Decision Making in Complex Environments

ChoicesYesterday I talked about “Decision Making in Complex Environments” with attendees of the G-4 Army brown bag program at the Pentagon. The program supports knowledge sharing and gives attendees the opportunity to learn from professionals with a variety of perspectives and experiences.

It was, of course, and honor to speak with them and the topic is one that we’ll be blogging about in the future. My perspective on decision making is informed by my doctoral work in Conflict Studies that combined research on Knowledge Management, Complexity Science, and human nature.

Making better decisions in the face of complexity is a recurring challenge for most people these days as technological and social change accelerate, information overwhelms while still being incomplete much of the time, and the nature of work itself changes in a knowledge-driven economy.

Benefiting from all of our gifts and resources as individuals often means rethinking the role that emotions, intuition, our bodies, and relations with others play in our decision making.

Professionals in many fields can benefit from additional perspectives on the decision making process because they are already good at their jobs. Additional perspectives are just that, additional. And with additions come opportunities to turn our attention to aspects of our lives and work that can contribute to greater success in a digital world.

Dave Snowden’s work has long influenced and challenged my thinking and you can learn more about his work at Cognitive Edge and on his blog.

If you’d like to know more about the presentation and who and what informs my work, here are the slides and some sources to consider.