Blogs & Podcasts Can Help You Keep Up with Your Profession

Blogs and podcasts offer a great way to find out what’s happening in your field or profession. You’re reading a blog so you know that it’s written. A podcast, on the other hand, is an audio or video series that you play on your computer or portable device.

To find blogs and podcast worthwhile, ask colleagues what blogs they read. Do a search for leaders in your field’s to find their websites. Chances are they have a blog that’s geared towards other professionals. However, some well-known individuals and companies might use their blog to educate the public (like Simon Johnson of MIT’s Baseline Scenario). Even these are often worth following to see how a fellow professional explains concepts of your field.

Also look at the websites of trade magazines and journals for blogs and podcasts in your field. Podcasts take more of an effort to create (recording, editing, etc) so there may not be many in your field. If you have a MP3 player you can listen to them while you commute. It’s a great convenience to be able to keep up with professionally relate news while driving to work.

Blogs and podcasts are my way to keep up with my field (web design/development). What other ways do you use the Web to keep up with your field?