Social Media: Connecting On and Offline

Clearly social media is important for business. After you sign up for the services that best fit your needs and start participating in online conversations what’s next?

I suggest you tear yourself away from the computer and start connecting with people face to face as much as possible. Yep, that’s right. You still have to network in person for your business. The great thing is, you can now find new connections through your social media activities.

For example, this week we participated in the second annual telesummit (phone and web) of Women Who Tech. After a great day of online conversation, we adjourned to the DC gathering at The Science Club for a drink and conversation with other participants. It was great to be surrounded by women doing similar work–even for a brief time.

Next week I’m looking forward to a local DC Meetup of the Web Content Mavens where networking and learning will intersect at a local pub. The Mavens are also on LinkedIn where I find consistently useful conversations and a commitment to sharing information.

When it comes to branching out in your professional connections, follow your interests and passions. I love the Capitol Creativity Network (passion project of entrepreneur and visionary Michelle James). Let’s face it, good energy and great people make for successful learning most of the time.

Last night, Ritzya the drama coach showed attendees many ways to add creativity to their presentations and face-to-face professional networking. It was great fun and offered another opportunity to meet new people and learn from a professional after my own heart who integrates creative expression into the (often) staid world of business.

All in all, the Web offers many innovative ways for people to connect both online and off.

So take a look around and see if there are any appealing groups in your area, try a Meetup group, search the Web for local events or groups, and pay attention to what your online folks mention.

Success is out there, are you?