The White House Is All Atwitter

On Wednesday, April 29th Paul Boutin wrote in the New York Times Gadgetwise blog Why President Obama Needs to Tweet. On Friday, May 1st the White House started tweeting. It apparently has had a private account since January. I vaguely remember in February searching for the WhiteHouse on twitter and running across the private WhiteHouse account but just thought it was some squatter. Glad that wasn’t the case.

More and more government agencies are using twitter as a way to communicate there message directly to the public. Check out who the White House is following for a great list of executive branch agencies using twitter. SourceWatch maintains a list of congresspersons who are on twitter and so do does TweetCongress. Unfortunately none of my federal representatives have taken to tweeting yet—do yours?

I’m sure a great debate can be had on the pros and cons of federal and local governments using social networking services like twitter. In cases like the H1N1 flu which, in my humble opinion, is over hyped by the media having a direct information stream from the CDC is essential.

Which government agencies or officials do you follow on twitter?