Using RSS Feeds to Help You Keep Up With Business News

RSS feeds offer you a great way to find out what’s happening in the world of business (and other areas). Using a RSS feed reader, you can subscribe to a blog and when a new entry is posted, it shows up on your computer in your reader program. It takes no effort on your part to seek it out. In addition to blogs, you can subscribe to business news feeds from all the major newspapers and magazines you want to keep up with regularly.

There are two ways to access RSS feeds—online or on your desktop. Online readers, like GoogleReader, offer the flexibility of access from any computer while desktop readers, like FeedDemon (Windows®) NetNewsWire (Mac®), or a Firefox add-on allow for more complex organizing of RSS feeds.

NewsGator® syncs its online reader with its desktop reader giving you the best of both worlds. When using my Mac desktop I read feeds using NetNewsWire and when reading feeds on my Windows laptop I use NewsGator Online.

To subscribe to a feed you just click the “RSS Feed” link or look for the RSS feed icon rss icon and follow the steps on the window that opens up. On our blog you can find the link at the top of our sidebar on the right. Finding the correct link is often more challenging on a newspaper or magazine website so looking for the icon can save you time.

To get you started below are 2 lists of blogs for business owners and entrepreneurs. You can also subscribe to the business feeds of your favorite newspapers and magazines. Only subscribe to the ones that look interesting or relevant to you. After reading a blog or news feed for a few weeks you can unsubscribe if you determine that it’s not useful. Unsubscribing to feeds you don’t read is essential to reducing information clutter.

Blogs for business owners and entrepreneurs: