5 Reasons I Use Online Business Applications

Enter key1. It’s platform neutral. Much of desktop business software is Windows only, but my main computer is a Mac. Online applications are typically Mac-friendly.

2. Share with others. Everything is in one place and online so information can be shared easily among several users without having to maintain a company server. It’s like having an enterprise level application without the cost.

3. Access it anywhere. Because it’s on the Internet you can access your applications from different computers. When I need a change of scenery, I move from my desktop to my laptop and take off while still having easy access to my programs and files.

4. Backup and security. Online business applications that come with file storage take care of daily backups and secure your information. One less thing to worry about!

5. Frequent improvements. Because the applications are housed on the provider’s servers, there’s nothing for you to do. From a user perspective improvements just appear.