Web Presence Recap

MaskMissed a post in our Web Presence series? Here’s the recap and links to the original posts:

I Need a Web Presence. Now What? – In today’s economy, more and more people will look to the web to learn about you and your work. If you’re a solo-entrepreneur, you own a small business, or you run a small nonprofit then you probably know that you need to get your business on the Web.

Pooh Pooh Web Pros at Your Peril – Treat your web presence like the business tool it is and your web pro like the professional they are. Don’t expect everything for nothing and remember that it is easier to work well with web professionals if you know your goals, constraints, budget, and timeline upfront.

Are You Ready to Blog? – Blogging can be great for business, no doubt about it. But what do you need to know or do to get ready?

It’s All About Them! – It’s easy to forget your business website or blog may be about you, but it’s still not for you. Any business web presence should put user experiences first and allow those experience to drive decisions about how a site looks and functions.

Web Writing–It’s Different – Many people get sidetracked by design and then manage to forget all about their content. But, in the end, a great design will never make up for lousy content.

Web Content Before Design! AKA Content Counts! – A web designer will need all of your content before starting to design your site.

Content. Take 1 What is content? When a web professional talks about your content, they mean all: text, images, audio, video, and anything else that goes up on your website to communicate with your audience.

What Story Does That Web Presence Tell? Before you start working on the story that your web presence will tell about you and your business, it’s a good idea to warm up by considering your competition and colleagues.

Finding Your Business Story – Every professional career, small business, and professional practice has a story. Some thread gives coherence to all of the things you do and the services you provide. What’s yours?

What Makes a Good Website or Blog? There’s a lot that goes into creating a good website or blog. Paying attention the big 3: communication, usability, and standards will move you a long way towards having the web presence you or your business deserves.