Content. Take 1

I attended a timely meeting of  the Capital Creativity Network in DC this week. The knowledgeable David Bernstein of Able Press Consulting talked with us about content strategy. Interesting conversations ensued.

As I recall, the first question was roughly:

What exactly is content?

A fine place for me to start as well.

When a web professional talks about your content, they mean all: text, images, audio, video, and anything else that goes up on your website to communicate with your audience.

Although not always considered content, the descriptions you use for navigation (links, buttons, etc.) are so important to your mission that you should think of them as content.

Navigation and sub-navigation represent the content of each and every web page—distilled to their most basic levels.

Treat navigation like big-picture, descriptive content and don’t worry about the exact language until you’ve settled on the nitty-gritty details of each page.

It can be challenging to get your point across in a few characters, but concise, clear directions that get your visitor where they need to go are worth the effort.

Work with it. Take your time.

Our path to success:

Complete your text.
Rough out your Headlines and Titles.
Get the basic design settled.
Upload the content (text, images, audio, video).
Finalize text.
Finalize headlines and titles.
Make Changes.
Finalize Navigation.