Digital Survival Recap

Missed our basic overview of digital survival strategies and skills? Here’s the recap and links to the original posts:

Take Charge of Your Computer! – Success in A Digital World™ comes from having a foundation of digital survival strategies for making sense of what you need to know and learn, and the digital survival skills to take care of yourself now and in the future.

Back It Up or Risk Losing It Forever –  Backup anything you care about frequently and often.

Security & Privacy, Your Data Exposed – It is critical that you have at least the bare minimum of security in place – 1 antivirus software program, 1 firewall program, and 1 antispyware program—to protect against malicious software, or malware.

You & Your Computer—Organize Part 1 – Organize the information/data that you keep on your computer (email, documents, photos, music, files, bookmarks/favorites in my browser, etc.) is a crucial area of knowledge which simplify your life with computers.

You & Your Information—Organize Part 2 – What to save? Consider how frequently information will change and how difficult it is to locate in the first place.

Finding Your Information—Organize Part 3 – And even as you become increasingly organized, there will be times that you can’t find a file you need.

Online Research Strategies: Learning Matters – Doing research on the Internet is an essential life skill so you can learn, save money, and save time with your computer and the Internet.

research is Code for: Finding Fun, Saving Money & Saving Time – Research is an important life skill, in the digital world it ranks right up there with managing your money, knowing how to do laundry, and get yourself from point A to point B.

Computer for Connections—Gets My Vote – No matter what you care about, other people are talking about it too, and some are in your local area.

Dancing with Problems & Trouble – In calmer times, needing to learn how to solve problems and troubleshoot is intellectually obvious. When the @#$% hits the fan, your computer is doing odd things akin to rolling over and dying, and you have a project due tomorrow, calm may just jump ship.

Troubleshoot Computer Puzzles – Troubleshooting, solving problems, winning the great dominance competition with your computer, by any other name—these skills are essential in a digital world.