Learn from My Mistake

Road signsLast week I lost my Internet connection. I was mad. It was inconvenient. So I stopped considering my project, and started considering my troubleshooting options instead.

I could reboot my computer. I could reset my modem and router. I could call my service provider and see what was going on. I could plug and unplug all connections from the wall to the computers and devices (always a gymnastic event and a huge pain). I could wait and see if it comes back by itself—the magical thinking method works sometimes too.

So being in a contrary mood, I started with the hardwired things I could reach. Rebooting, resetting, unplugging etc. All of this was driven by my desire to avoid long waits for tech support on the phone. Then I remembered a very important piece of information.

Since I left Verizon DSL for Speakeasy DSL, I don’t have long waits for techs anymore and I get much better support services. Duh.

Too many years of Verizon pain had warped my thinking. I phoned Speakeasy, found out there were service disruptions in the DC area, the first I had experienced in more than a year. Magic! Mystery solved. My problem was addressed by a quick call that left me hoping for a speedy return to service. And it happened. I was back up in an hour or so.

Point is, just because I know that many things can go wrong, and even how to fix many of them, running through all my hard earned knowledge may not even be necessary. Instead, problem solving can start with the easiest solution, in this case a phone call to determine if it was me, or bigger than me.

So consider what you know, what happened, and start with the best-case solution now and then. It may just pay off and save you time and effort.

We will be off our standard schedule next week and see you back again on Dec. 30. Happy Holidays!

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