Get Your Video & Audio Fix on the Web

radioIn the last few months I’ve given serious consideration to dumping cable TV. Most of the programs I watch can be found on the Web. It’s a great place to find all kinds of entertainment to keep your mind off your own or the world’s troubles.


I get my video fix from 3 main sites. Netflix, Joost, and Hulu.

Netflix has no commercial interruptions so I usually start there. You need to be subscribe to an unlimited plan but it’s inexpensive. Over a several month period, when regular TV was not interesting, I watch Xena: Warrior Princess from start to finish. There’s nothing like watching a beloved series sequentially and not having to wait on DVDs in the mail. Of course there are plenty of movies too and they continually add more titles.

Another great website for TV shows is Joost. It has commercials but much shorter and less of them than regular TV. There is an excellent collection of retro shows like: Twin Peaks, Flash Gordon, Perry Mason, and Barney Miller– not all of which are available on Netflix online.

Hulu is another place to find movies such as Basic Instinct and Dragonheart and TV shows like Heroes. The selection isn’t as good as Netflix or Joost but it’s worth a look if you want some free video entertainment.

Network TV websites often have the latest programs online, so if you forgot to set your DVR/VCR it’s a great option to catch the latest episodes of your favorite show.


The Web is also a great place to pick up radio shows and audio books. I’m an old time radio junkie–Gun Smoke, Dragnet, Johnny Dollar, X minus One, the Shadow, etc. So I was ecstatic when I ran across the OTR.Network Library. It has loads of these old radio programs. So why do I need cable TV?

Audible is another great online service to get audio content. In addition to audio books, you can purchase radio shows. When choosing books I stick to authors that are also performers like David Sedaris or Stephen Colbert. Naturally I bought the collection of old time radio shows. I can listen to the content from Audible on my computer and also on my iPod.

The iTunes store is another way to get audio content. I get free podcasts of many of my favorite news programs through iTunes. Many TV shows are also available from the iTunes store for a small fee.

So if you’re tired of regular TV and don’t have any DVDs you want to watch, check out some of the online possibilities. Enjoy!