#journchat & TweetGrid Made My Night

I’m compelled to interrupt this blog series for an important announcement…

In the past 2 weeks I’ve been part of a fabulous group erupting on Twitter at #journchat thanks to the work/moderating of Sarah Evans (@PRsarahevans on Twitter) and the many folks who showed up. She is making it easy for Journalists + PR, Marketing, Blogging folks to learn and tweet about relevant issues, ask questions, and otherwise connect via a conversational free-for-all.

All you have to do is search Twitter on a Monday night between 7-10pm CST for #journchat and the conversation will be happening. Check out the Social Media Blend(er) blog for a description of Twitter # action.

I came across TweetGrid during the Mumbai attacks when the conversation #mumbai was very active and someone mentioned it was their favorite way to keep up.

So last night I used TweetGrid to follow along #journchat, and just had to tell people about it because it made me so happy! What’s not to love about an application that lets me follow multiple Twitter conversations on a grid. It looks a bit like Google Reader set to headlines. Not gorgeous, but beautifully utilitarian.

It also re-loads tweets much faster than my desktop standby, TweetDeck, and that makes it easier to have real time interactions and keep up with the conversation.

So far I am very happy with it. Late last night my thoughts ran to analogies and I decided…

FeedDemon/Google Reader : TweetDeck/TweetGrid

FeedDemon and TweetDeck are more customizable, visually more complex, and overall lovely to use.

Google Reader and TweetGrid are less visually exciting, have decent customization options, and the visuals just make it easier for me to get through lots of text fast.

I have come to appreciate all four programs for their own strengths and encourage you to try them on for size and see what fits for those nights out on the Tweet when the conversations are flowing.