My Favorite Non-Partisan Political Watchdog Websites

White HouseAs the 2008 Presidential election draws closer, the partisan spin intensifies. What’s a life-long Independent like myself to do? Slogging through the misstatements and out right lies on both sides can be a daunting task. Thank goodness for great watchdog websites! monitors the accuracy of what political figures say. Want to know if Senator McCain or Senator Obama told you the truth in the Presidential debate you just saw? is there for you. follows the money and lobby trail. Want to know how much money all the presidential candidates (there are 6) have raised? Or whereSenator McCain, Senator Obama and your own Congressperson or Senators are getting their campaign money? has the answers. keeps track of bundlers for the presidential campaigns. Bundling is the practice of pooling contributions, which allows one person to channel large amounts of money (well over campaign giving limits) to one candidate. Generally bundlers get preferential access to the politicians they raise money for.

The Sunlight Foundation uses the Internet to expose the how money and lobbying influence the federal government. They have a number of ongoing projects and a great list of websites for government transparency.

US Budget Watch is the place to go when you want to find out about money matters and the election. Check out their Fiscal Voter Guide for an independent read on the fiscal impact of the candidates’ proposals.

The Tax Policy Center is another website that deals with money and the election. Take a look at their findings on the effects of tax proposals put out by major candidates.

These 6 website will help you weed through the partisanship that characterizes elections today so you can focus on the policies of major candidates and how those policies effect you and the country. Spending some time in this neighborhood of the Web can get you the information you need to make well-informed political decisions and be more confident about voting for President or anyone else on November 4, 2008.