Use the Internet to Learn about Your Technology, Part 1

SearchI love validation for my chosen work, it is a wonderful thing. Sometimes it comes from the people I work with, but sometimes it comes in the form of a rising tide of public attention to issues I am passionate about.

I was reading New York Times columnist David Pogue’s technology column on Oct 2 and was very happy to see him begin to pull together tips that people need to know to make the most of their technology. October 9 Pogue wrote in his blog that after a huge response (1200+ comments) he now plans to write a book on the subject.

I took is as validation of my work and vindication when it comes to the inevitable challenges of keeping a small business afloat. Chaos To Clarity is a business with an approach whose time is now. There are just too many people getting by the hard way who need to know how to use their technology effectively so it can make their lives easier.

It is no surprise that many people lack the broad range of knowledge and skills they need to take advantage of technology, we all adopt newer systems and gadgets without ever learning all the tricks of the ones we have.

There are many reasons for that, not the least of which is sense of isolation that many technology buyers suffered in the past. The Internet is changing all of that and helping to stabilize the knowledge platform you develop through experience–even when it is shaken by market-driven technology change.

I firmly believe that it is important to learn how to meet your needs with the technology you have if you can. Any time you spend to learn the basics will pay off in time saved now and greater understanding of the learning process in the future.

I also believe that there is no reason to expect yourself to know every bell and whistle on every device or program in the hopes that you won’t have to upgrade any time soon. You will have to upgrade eventually so consider how to keep learning in general and accept the need for change.

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