Writing Web Content

Learn How To Write for Your Web Audience

Even if you’re an experienced writer or author, writing web content for your audience while keeping search engines in mind will likely require some new knowledge and some stylistic adjustments. We’ll teach you how to get your message across consistently and effectively as you implement your content strategy for business.

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You can work with us to learn how to write web content for your website and blog, create informational or marketing-focused enewsletters, and construct social networking updates that will help your reach your goals.

Powerful Web Content = People First, Search Engines Second

Writing effective web content for your audience is the first hurdle most clients set out to overcome. Since people consume web content differently than print content, it’s essential to adapt your writing style to meet your audience’s expectations. We’ll identify your target web audience and market, evaluate other people’s web content, and assess your writing style in relation to professional web copywriting approaches.

As educators, we know that teaching you what to do requires background information, demonstration, and feedback. You can learn how to write strong web content that will work for your business and we can help. You’ll learn more quickly and easily with customized 1–1 coaching as we create a foundation for success and prepare you to keep learning on your own.

Writing Website Content & Blogging for Organic On-Page SEO

If you’re writing your own website text for a Basic or Bootstrap Package, you’ll need to understand some SEO (search engine optimization) basics if you want to get the most from your site. If you’re going to change the static webpage content that we’ve created for a Deluxe or Value Package, you also need to be careful not to undo the SEO work that you’ve paid for.

We provide resources to help you get up to speed and use tools to help you SEO any text on your site—including blog posts—all while ‘grading’ your writing for the Web. We generally recommend Scribe, an SEO service that will help learn quickly via instant feedback. Scribe is an excellent addition to our audience-focused web content work. You can purchase it month by month with no commitment until you feel confident in your new web content skills.

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